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PharmProvide Promotions and Deals

Discount on Respiratory System Kits

Receive a 10% discount when you purchase a complete respiratory circuit (including a breathing tube, adapters, Y-shaped and straight connectors, a retainer, and moisture collectors). This is an excellent opportunity to update or acquire new equipment for medical facilities.

Get a gift when you open 50,000+ tenge

Receive a moisture collector as a gift when you spend over 50,000 tenge! Moisture collectors are essential for the effective operation of respiratory circuits, and getting an extra one as a gift ensures you will always have a spare.

Bulk Discount

Order 5 or more respiratory circuit sets and get a 15% discount. This is the perfect offer for hospitals and medical centers looking to stock up on necessary equipment.

Promo Code for New Customers

Receive a promo code for your first purchase, offering a 5% discount. This is a wonderful opportunity for new clients to save on their first order and experience the high-quality products of our company.